"I’ll never be good enough for you.”



During ‘Don’t Forget Me’ promotions, I was a completely different Minah off camera. I was a little depressed. I think I had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “what am I doing here?”. Mainly because I had a dream of being a vocalist ever since I was young, and I felt like that dream was slowly slipping away. I was falling behind as a vocalist, but I was laughing on variety shows… It didn’t feel right.


who wants to give up on society and go live in a treehouse with me

If someone were to ask me to give up something in my dorm in exchange for a diamond, without hesitation, I’d respond, “You can take everything except my members.” - Gayoon

GTKMM: favourite female groups (#2 Girl’s Day)

This quiz guesses your age based on your answers and it guessed I was fifty-fucking-four.